Vape Pen Batteries

Those fairly new to the vaping industry might be mistaken for assuming that Vape Pen Batteries are fairly simple power supplies which heat the atomiser, vaporise the eliquid and create the vape. Vape pen batteries are an essential part of a vape pen because they need to be safe, rechargeable, durable and also indicate when power is running low. They will also vary in shape and size, some may have buttons and some products may be inhale activated. Over the years we have also seen instances where vape pen batteries have quite literally exploded although the vast majority of these accidents relate to the use of incompatible chargers. We will now take a look at some of the best vape pen batteries and what you should expect for your money.

CE3 350mAh Battery with Button & USB Charger Included

The CE3 350mAh Battery with Button is 510 thread compatible and able to supply power of 350mAh. This particular pen battery is button operated which means that in order to activate the battery, heat the element and vaporise the liquid, you need to press the button. Once you take your hand off the button the battery switches into standby mode, the heating element cools and the vape is stopped.

As we touched on above, it is essential that you use the USB charger which is included with this CE3 350mAh Battery with Button pack. Unfortunately, far too many people automatically assume that you can use any USB charger with any battery when this is simply not the case. This device has a red LED which is activated while charging and will turn green when the battery is fully charged. It also comes in nine different flavours including white, black, blue, green, purple, yellow, silver, red and rainbow.

Hermes 320 Variable Voltage High Quality

If you are looking for a quality reliable and durable pen battery then look no further than the Hermes 320 Variable Voltage High Quality. This 510 thread compatible battery is able to deliver 320mAh which equates to between 400 and 500 puffs per charge. The button has an array of uses such as adjusting voltage, preheating the atomiser and simple power on and power off. The adjustable voltage settings are 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2 and 3.5.

There is nothing worse than being away from home only to find your battery is out of charge, you haven’t got a spare one with you are in dire need of a vape. The simple USB charger can be plugged in anywhere with the indicator showing when the battery is fully charged. Available in black, blue, green, red and white it is essential that you use the USB charger provided to avoid any damage to the battery. Unfortunately, we have seen instances where other charges have been used which can lead to exploding batteries.

Ooze Twist Adjustable Voltage Preheat Slim Pen Battery with USB Charger

The Ooze Twist Adjustable Voltage Preheat Slim Pen Battery is certainly a battery with a difference and something which stands out from the rest. This 320mAh battery has adjustable voltage between 3.3 V and 4.8 V which can be changed by simply twisting the battery. The battery fits all 510 thread devices with additional facilities such as smart USB rapid charge, auto safety shut-off, auto cell preservation and a preheat mode.

Feedback for this pen battery has been extremely positive and for those who like a little bit of colour in their life it comes in black, chrome, gold, rose gold, white, pink, red, green, purple and blue. The twist mechanism makes it standout, the button gives you full control and the fast recharge could prove to be priceless. Wave goodbye to unreliable batteries, drained of power leaving you vape free while out and about. The Ooze Twist Adjustable Voltage Preheat Slim Pen Battery may well be your saviour!

3.8V Vape Pen Battery by VaprWear

You will notice that the3.8V Vape Pen Battery by VaprWear is very stylish, very easy on the eye and a little different from the majority of vape pen batteries on the market today. This is a 3.8 V auto draw system offering button free vaping although the 4V turbo boost button offers an interesting preheat option or can provide an extra-large hit when required! Checking the charge left in the battery is very simple, take a draw or press the turbo boost button and it will glow green for fully charge, yellow for partially charged and red for out of charge.

This stylish silver vape pen battery has certainly proven to be popular and it is not difficult to see why. One note of caution, only use the recharging devices provided as this is a specialist battery offering a quick charge facility. Use of other charging devices could damage the battery and in some cases cause an explosion. Anyway, time to enjoy vaping on the move - without worrying about your battery supply.

Oil 650 Pen Battery by Mig Vapor

Described as “loaded with power” the Oil 650 Pen Battery by Mig Vapor is designed for thick oil cartridges. In many ways the size of the battery does not fairly portray the power of the charge which you can vary between 3.3 V and 4.8 V. A simple twist of the dial at the bottom of the battery lets you change the voltage and there are multiple power settings as well as the ability to preheat the atomiser.

While many pen battery companies opt for safety, the Oil 650 Pen Battery goes out on a limb offering something different. As with all batteries it is essential you use the USB charger provided as other charges of differing power could damage the battery or lead to an explosion. Available in blue, black, red and silver the Oil 650 Pen Battery is something different and has certainly not gone unnoticed. Cheap is not cheerful in the world of vape pen batteries - you get what you pay for at the end of the day!

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