Review - Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit

Those who follow the vaping market will not be surprised to learn that the Vaptio Capt'n mod is the latest instalment of the heroes range. Unfortunately, Vaptio have received some criticism for targeting branded products such as “Capt America” which has taken attention away from a product up there in the higher echelons. However, if you take away the branded element and strip it back to basics you will very soon notice an exceptional bit of kit.

So, what do we make of the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit?

First impressions of the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit

It is safe to say that the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit ticks all the boxes with a compact yet powerful mod, 1.3 inch TFT colour screen and a design and colouring which it has to be said is easy on the eye. The criticism of the branding has perhaps gone over the top as the product itself looks the part, delivers and all at a very affordable price. Sometimes it is better just to let the technology do the talking - the Vaptio Capt'n mod literally does what it says on the tin and more. A pleasant surprise!

The mod has an array of buttons integrated into the design which are easy to use and fast acting. The TFT colour screen does kind of blend into the background a little but the information and the readings are instantly visible. Can you imagine, pressing the fire button and within 0.005 seconds you are there, your vape is being created and your journey is beginning? Well, that is the case with this little pocket rocket, which incorporates the latest technology under a heavily branded skin. There are many different colours available so if you like something bright and breezy or something plain and dependable you are certainly catered for.

What do you get with the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit?

The standard edition Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit comes with the following:

• 1 x Capt'n Mod

• 1 x Capt'n Tank

• 1 x Frogman-W8 Coil (Pre-installed)

• 1 x Frogman-W2 Coil

• 1 x User Manual

• Spare Parts

The specifications are as follows:

Vaptio Capt'n Mod

• Height 75 mm

• Width 42 mm

• Depth 33 mm

• Output wattage 10 W up to 220 W

• Temperature range 200°F up to 600°F (100°C up to 350°C)

• 1.3 inch TFT screen which shows

    o Output wattage

    o Output voltage

    o Output mode

    o Output temperature

    o Individual battery life indicator

    o Atomiser resistance

    o Firing time indicator

Vaptio Capt'n Tank

• Capacity 4 mL

• Adjustable air flow

• Refilling via screw top

• 24.5 mm diameter

It is worth noting that the Vaptio Capt'n Mod is also compatible with other Vaptio superhero tanks also available online.

The Battery

As seems to be the norm with new entrants to the vaping market, the Vaptio Capt'n mod incorporates two 18650 batteries. These offer reliability and durability and can be recharged in double quick time using the USB adapter. While you take it for granted these days, each individual battery is identified on the TFT display showing the amount of charge left. This ensures that you are well prepared in advance so that you can take the necessary action and maintain your relaxing vape. Some of the safety features surrounding use of the battery include:

• Short circuit protection

• Over vaping protection

• Overheating protection

• Charging protection

• Low voltage protection

The Tank

You will not be surprised to learn that the heavily branded mod is complemented by a heavily branded Capt'n Tank. While there is a limit as to how far e liquid tank capacity can go, the 4 mL juice capacity on this one is more than adequate. It is a thread top filler system with two large fill ports and an air supply control. As if Capt America was not enough, you can also use the Frogman tank and coil!

Oops, before we forget, there is also an anti-leak technology which has been patented by Vaptio and offers a further degree of protection.

Using the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit

Described in many quarters as a “pocket rocket” it is unfortunate that the branding has overshadowed the high-level technology under the surface. From the relatively large TFT colour display screen to the anti-leak technology, from the control buttons flush with the contours of the mod to the improved charging facility, there is a lot to shout about with the Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit.


Compact, reliable, easy on the eye, available in many different colours and described as a “pocket rocket”, Vaptio will have high expectations for the Vaptio Capt'n mod. As some companies continue to expand the size of their mods and the size of the tanks, we know many customers appreciate a more compact model, like the Vaptio Capt'n mod, with a more than adequate 4 mL e liquid capacity. Do not automatically assume that because of the branding this is targeted at the younger market, it stands out, it is different and while some have criticised the branding they are well off the mark.

Variations of Vaptio Capt'n 220W TC Starter Kit

Whether you are a loud and proud vaper or prefer to sit out of sight and out of mind, the Vaptio Capt'n mod is available in a range of different colours to suit your preference. These include:

• Camouflage green

• Rainbow

• Pink

• Red

• Black

• Blue

• Golden

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