Review - SMOK Species V2 230W Kit

Few companies in the world of vaping have the ability to surprise, shock and astound on a regular basis. Just when you think SMOK has reached a plateau waiting for the rest to catch up, the company releases the new SMOK Species V2 230W Kit. We all knew it would be an upgrade on version 1 but the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit has taken vaping to a different level.

First impressions of the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit

The look and design of the SMOK Species will certainly catch your eye with what has been described as armour patterned skin with a 1.45 inch touchscreen. The touchscreen display perfectly complements the style and design of the mod with a seamless integration. In the world of vaping there is a need to backup eye-catching designs with even better products. The SMOK Species V2 230W Kit has been rolled out on a the crest of a wave but before we even begin to look at the detail of the SMOK Species Kit it is already starting to tick boxes. Some might suggest the product has a lot to live up to but as you will see this has not been a problem!

Touchscreen controls are now an integral part of the vaping community. The SMOK Species V2 touchscreen is an upgrade from the original, presenting an all singing all dancing user interface. The data is more concise, more readily visible and with a screen lock facility this is yet another safety fall back. Sometimes it is not easy to incorporate safety with fashion, reliability with design but as you will see, the SMOK Species V2 does just that.

What do you get with the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit?

The standard edition SMOK Species V2 230W Kit comes with the following:

• 1 x Species Mod

• 1 x TFV Eight Baby V2 Tank

• 1 x Baby V2 A1 Zero 17 Ohm Single Coil (Pre-Installed)

• 1 x Baby V2 A2 0.2 Ohm Dual Coils

• 1 x Glass Tube Replacement

• 1 x USB Cable

•1 x User Manual

• Spare Parts

The specifications are as follows:

SMOK Species Mod

• Height 82.1 mm

• Width 49 mm

• Depth 30.6 mm

• Weight 155 g

• Power Range 1 W to 230 W

• Input voltage 6.4 V to 8.4 V

• Output voltage 0.5 V to 8.2 V

• Temperature range 200 F to 600 F (100°C to 350°C)

TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

• Capacity 5 mL

• Height 54 mm

• Diameter 30 mm

• Weight 65 g

The Battery

The SMOK Species V2 230W Kit is powered by two 18650 batteries. Each individual battery is highlighted on the TFT screen allowing you to see the remaining power capacity at a glance. The batteries are installed or removed via a simple flap at the bottom of the mod with no complicated dismantling required. It is also interesting to see an array of safety measures which include:

• Intelligent atomiser recognition

• Short circuit protection

• Overheating protection

• Over discharge protection

• 10 second cut off

• Puff monitoring system

As you would expect from a leading light in the world of vaping the batteries can be recharged using a USB cable with minimal fuss. The latest firmware will automatically be installed on your device ensuring maximum efficiency and maximum output.

The Tank

Incorporating TFV8 Baby V2 Tanks into the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit has been a game changer. Initially there was some concern as the TFV8 Baby V2 Tank is smaller than the TVF12 Prince but this has had no impact on the performance whatsoever. The relatively small dimensions of this tank are perfectly incorporated into the look and feel of the mod offering a seamless design, the production of large vaping clouds and a very satisfying vape.

It has been a masterstroke incorporating these tanks with the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit and the max power vape has been well received by vapers.

Using the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit

Taking into account the specifications, design and perfect integration of the mod and tanks, initial feedback has been extremely positive. The ability to maintain exceptional performance with an array of different PG/VG ratios should not be underestimated. The option to create large vaping clouds will go down well with traditional users. The touchscreen display is a significant upgrade from the previous model but this has been time and money exceptionally well spent!


It is not difficult to see why the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit has caused ripples right across the vaping industry. It looks the part, the ergonomics are comfortable and natural, the design is futuristic and eye-catching but above all it lives up to its top billing. Even though SMOK has a reputation for surprising the market, rolling out breathtaking kits, there were few who expected the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit to tick all of the boxes. Some companies follow, some companies lead but in the minds of many vaping experts SMOK is still miles ahead of the competition. If there is a more enjoyable vaping experience than that created by the SMOK Species V2 230W Kit we have yet to see it.

Variations of SMOK Species V2 230W Kit

The standard edition Black and Red SMOK Species V2 230W Kit is proving popular but there is the opportunity to personalise to your preference with an array of different colours including:

• Red and Black

• Gold and Black

• Prism Blue and Black

• Prism Chrome and Black

• Green and Black

• White and Red

• 7-Colour Rainbow and Black

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