Review – SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit

The key to any successful product is to know your market and there is no doubt that SMOK have a very close relationship with their customers! Scouring the Internet you will see reference to the Ferrari engine style mod design with particular emphasis on the engine manifold type feel on the back of the mod. However, this is just where the fun starts as there is much more to the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit!

First impressions of the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit

If we didn’t already know, there is so much more to the modern day mod than just power, flavour and output. The design is the first thing that catches a potential customer’s eye and the first impression of the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit is outstanding. The contours, shape and design they all tempt you in for more detail like a mermaid pulling sailors of old in from the sea. However, you will not be disappointed….

The SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit is powered by dual 18650 batteries with a maximum output of 230 W. A 1.45 inch TFT colour display gives you up to the second information at a glance using the latest ARM microchip. It is easy to take the TFT colour display for granted but the new design and submenus will definitely exceed your expectations. While the design and the look of the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit would be difficult to beat, does actually live up to expectations? You bet!

From the drip tip right down to the USB port, the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit has all you could ever ask for. It looks the part, it feels the part and thankfully it delivers where so many competitors fail.

What you get with the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit?

The word standard implies something normal but there is nothing normal with the Standard Edition of the SMOK E-Priv which comes with:

• 1 x E-Priv Mod

• 1 x TFV12 Prince Tank

• 1 x V12 Prince Dual Mesh 0.2 Ohm Coil (Preinstall)

• 1 x V12 Prince Max Mesh 0.17 Ohm Coil

• 1 x Replacement Glass Tube

• 1 x Anti-Slip Ring (extremely useful)

• 1 x USB Cable

• 1 x User Manual

• Spare Parts

Now we get to the business end of the SMOK E-Priv, the specifications:

SMOK E-Priv Mod

• Height 85 mm

• Width 31.88 mm

• Length 47 mm

• Weight 194.5 g

• Power Range 1 W up to 230 W

• Input Voltage 6.4 V up to 9 V

• Output Voltage 0.5 V up to 5 V

• Temperature Range 200°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C)

• Made from a Zinc Alloy Material

TFV12 Prince Tank

• Capacity 8 mL

• Height 63 mm

• Diameter 28 mm

• Weight 60 g

• Made from Stainless Steel

The Battery

The SMOK E-Priv Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries which are positioned in series. There is a dual battery life indicator on the TFT screen which gives you an accurate reading of the power capacity of each individual battery. As has become standard with SMOK Mods the batteries are easily installed and removed with a simple slide mechanism at the bottom of the Mod. SMOK have also installed a number of safety features which include:

• Intelligent Atomiser Recognition

• Short Circuit Protection

• Puff Monitoring System

• 10 Second Cut-off

• Low Battery Warning

• Overheating Protection

The batteries can be recharged using a USB cable creating the ultimate experience, no hassle, no fuss, just an excellent vape!

The Tank

You have the power, the eye-catching design and next up it has to be the tank of all tanks. Thankfully, the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank delivers everything you will ever want offering the Holy Grail of vaping, large clouds, rich flavour all without forcing you to replace your e liquid every hour. When they say that the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank is capable of “altering weather systems” do not dismiss this until you have tried!

There really is something for everybody with the SMOK E-Priv, whether you want to send smoke signals to the moon or simply sit back and blend into the background. Quite where we go from here is difficult to say because how do you beat perfection?

Using the SMOK E-Priv Kit

Some mods offer the design of choice, some offer a vape which is out of this world but few offer both. However, the design and the features associated with the SMOK E-Priv bring it to life, will ensure your taste buds are singing and dancing and you won’t forget this little beauty in a hurry. The design is ergonomically friendly, TFT screen larger than normal and the menu system gives you total control.


There is no doubt when it comes to SMOK Mod Kits we tend to aim high and the company delivers even higher. Each variation of SMOK Mods has its own little unique selling point, its own discussion starter and with this one the initial starting point is the exquisite design. As the company continues to roll out bestseller after bestseller you have to wonder where SMOK will take us next. Huge vape clouds, without draining your e liquid supply, and let’s not forget the extremely useful anti-slip ring. When reviewing some mods you have to dig deep to find any faults or drawbacks - with the SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit you could go to the centre of the earth without any success.

Variations of SMOK E-Priv 230W TC Kit

As seems to be the norm these days there are a number of different coloured variations of the SMOK E-Priv Kit such as:

• Red and Black

• Gold and Black

• Blue and Black

• Green and Black

• Silver and Black