Nasty Juice Eliquid

Described as an obnoxious 21st century ejuice there is no doubt Nasty Juice has made a great name for itself in the e liquid market. The brand is instantly recognisable because of its aluminium bottle and intricate artwork. This is a company which has taken eliquid flavours to a different level, is confident in trying new blends and it is successful because, it listens to customers. The company caters for beginners in the world of vaping as well as those with an experienced pallet and an even greater appetite. These E juice flavours will astound you, surprise you and ultimately keep you coming back for more time and time again.

Trap Queen Eliquid

Trap Queen is a bold, sweet fruit, strawberry flavoured e liquid which is rich, smooth and fulsome. While many mix-and-match different flavours and blend different sensations, Trap Queen eliquid focuses purely and simply on the rich strawberry taste. It is the richness which gives you the throat hit, the sweetness which has your taste buds tingling, bringing together two very different sensations. For those with a liking for fruit flavoured e liquid there is no doubt that Trap Queen eliquid is one to put on your bucket list.

Described by many as a sweet strawberry flavour, with a subtle hint of mint, there is no doubt that Trap Queen eliquid is a big hit. Bring together the sweet smell of strawberry, the creamy e liquid texture and the subtle undertone of mint, perfect. The cooling impact on the exhale is a delight to experience. Who said that strawberry Ejuice was boring!

Trap Queen by Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60mL bottles

Cush Man Eliquid

This Cush Man eliquid is described as a mango candy but in reality it is so much more. Akin to a tropical smoothie, the chilled mango flavour is fruity but sweet and tingly. The blend is refreshing, creating a mix of freshly cut mango on the inhale with a sweet, chilled yet tangy exhale. The smooth nature of the e liquid makes it extremely easy to vape lead to an enjoyable and satisfying throat hit. Mango with a twist, candy with a twist, whichever way you see it, you won’t forget it.

Feedback for Cush Man eliquid is impeccable as you would expect from such a subtle professionally blended flavour. There is much focus on the clean mango flavour on the inhale, no additives and no artificial aftertaste, and the low mint exhale which refreshes your mouth and cleanses your palate. The throat hit is mild and enjoyable for those who prefer something a little more subtle and smooth.

Cush Man by Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60mL bottles

Wicked Haze Eliquid

Remember those days as a child when you used to mix your drinks, the fruits and the lemonades, the fizzy and the still, well this Wicked Haze eliquid blend will take you back to those days. It is the blackcurrant kick which hits you first, bouncing off your taste buds, with the underlying lemonade soda offering a refreshing smoothness. Blend the two together and you have a thought provoking, taste bud enticing mix of fruit and lemonade. The inhale and the exhale offer a primary blackcurrant blend with a smooth lemonade aftertaste.

Wicked Haze eliquid has proved to be a tremendous hit with the vapers with a sweet tooth. This blend seems to remind different people of different sweets from their childhood - an invaluable gift itself! It is the smooth sweet flavour of the lemonade and the fruity wholesome flavour of the blackcurrant which make it stand out from the rest. Refreshing yet fruity, sweet yet smooth, a joy to behold…..

Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60mL bottles

Bad Blood Eliquid

They call this one Bad Blood but there is nothing bad about this! This is a remake of a sweet earthy blackcurrant flavour e liquid with a twist. While blackcurrant fruit eliquids are extremely popular, this one is a little different offering a subtle blend of mint, a relatively low hit, which adds that little extra twist. The inhale is dominated by the strong blackcurrant flavour while the exhale refreshes and cleanses your palate with the low mint blend. Quite how the two go together is a mystery, but they do.

Describe by some as a throaty cough medicine flavour without the menthol kick, this fulsome blackcurrant flavoured eliquid is one for the strong fruit fans. As you would have hoped, you get hit by the blackcurrant flavour on the inhale with the cool mint addition giving a great throat hit and a refreshing feel on the exhale. In all honesty it is difficult to find anything negative about the Bad Blood eliquid - no matter how hard people try.

Bad Blood by Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60mL bottles

Devil Teeth Eliquid

Whoever called this eliquid Devil Teeth certainly knew what they were talking about! Described as a mix of honeydew and sour it grabs you, holds you and won’t let go. The honeydew offers a summery feel while the sour hit makes you sit up and listen. The ability to put together different flavours and different blends which seem very much at odds with each other is a gift. The gift that keeps on giving in the shape of Devil Teeth e liquid.

While the name Devil Teeth eliquid may seem a little bizarre, this one has proved to be one of the more popular in the range. Described as full of flavour, similar to eating a sorbet ice cream and something to get you in the mood for summer, what more can you ask for? The smooth honeydew flavour is consistent from start to finish, the mint keeps you focused and the blend refreshes your palate. Perfect!

Devil Teeth by Nasty Juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60mL bottles

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