In the early days, many people were surprised at the emergence of salt nicotine e-liquid but brands such as Naked 100 salt nicotine have really put this type of e-liquid on the map. The fact that many of the major e-liquid brands have released their bestselling flavours in salt nicotine form says everything. Naked 100 salt nicotine e-liquids come in two nicotine strengths, 35mg and 50mg. The lower strength is popular amongst those who no longer have a desire to smoke while the higher strength e-liquid is popular amongst recent converts.

Before we take a look at some of the bestselling Naked 100 salt nicotine e-liquid flavours it is important to highlight the fact they are not suitable for sub-ohm vaping systems. Those who have high power vaping devices are advised to use the standard series of Naked 100 e-liquid which are still extremely popular.

Lava Flow Salt E-liquid By Naked 100

The name says it all, Lava Flow Salt E-liquid! The primary flavours in this e-liquid are strawberry, coconut and pineapple which are mixed with the salt nicotine. If you have not yet tried salt nicotine e-liquid then you literally don’t know what you are missing, this takes an extremely popular flavour to a whole different level. Imagine this, the sweet taste of strawberries with a mouthwatering mix of pineapple and the earthly blend of coconut. Salt nicotine e-liquid has not only enhanced traditional flavours and bestselling brands but it has literally taken them to a whole new level!

Where do you start with reviews for the Lava Flow Salt E-liquid? Excellent choice, loved it, lots of flavour and a blend which takes me back to the beach. A quick Google of reviews for Lava Flow Salt E-liquid brings a whole raft of different comments to get your mouth watering. Manufacturers can release comments and reviews, retailers can highlight the benefits but the most powerful advertising tool, customer reviews.

Lava Flow Salt E-liquid: PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and available in 30 mL bottles.

Brain Freeze Salt E-liquid By Naked 100

To say this is a fairly interesting description of an e-liquid is an understatement to say the least. What does brain freeze say to you? Well, the first taste of the Brain Freeze Salt E-liquid will have your brain jumping, your taste buds confused and your mind frozen, what are you tasting? This exquisite mix of kiwifruit, pomegranates and the succulent sweetness of strawberries is a taste to behold. Add the new salt nicotine mix and you are suddenly inundated with flavours, textures and a pallet sensation.

Reviews of the Brain Freeze Salt E-liquid highlight the array of different flavours, textures and sensations this releases. Where does the flavour start, where does the flavour finish and how do you get from start to finish? This was already a popular award-winning flavour on its own, mix in the smoothness of salt nicotine and the enhanced flavour will quite literally blow your mind. If you are tempted to try a salt nicotine e-liquid then Brain Freeze Salt E-liquid should be your first port of call.

Brain Freeze Salt E-liquid: PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and available in 30 mL bottles.

American Patriots Salt E-liquid By Naked 100

Since vaping emerged from the shadows to become the phenomenon we see today, there has been much focus on new non-traditional flavours. Plain fruit flavours are extremely popular, blends can have your taste buds bouncing but what about good old-fashioned tobacco e-liquid? Well, the American Patriots Salt E-liquid incorporates everything. The classic tobacco taste has been enhanced with a bold, spicy flavour which is now available in salt nicotine varieties. Drift back, close your eyes and enjoy the delights of a classic tobacco taste with a kick.

While fruit flavours and other exotic varieties have taken the e-liquid market by storm, good old-fashioned classic tobacco flavours are still in demand. The ever popular award-winning American Patriots E-liquid has been enhanced with a new nicotine salt variation. The blending of the traditional flavour and nicotine salt is seamless, the flavour is smooth and fulsome allowing those who “enjoy a cigarette” to go back to the old days of a smooth tobacco hit. Perfect!

American Patriots Salt E-liquid: PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and available in 30 mL bottles.

Really Berry Salt E-Liquid By Naked 100

What does the description Really Berry Salt E-Liquid suggest to you? Can you taste the flavour before you have even opened the bottle? Well the primary flavours in the Really Berry Salt E-Liquid take in blueberries, blackberries, lemon curd all mixed with salt nicotine. Mixing the sweetness and bitterness of berries with the never-ending smooth lemon kick is mind blowing. Throw in the new salt nicotine variety and you have a flavour which is set to take the e-liquid market by storm. Sweetness, bitterness and a smooth blend of lemon curd, what more can you ask for?

There is no doubt that Really Berry Salt E-Liquid will be even more popular than the original Really Berry E-Liquid. The new flavour has managed to retain the original blend, the original kick and smooth vaping experience with the added salt nicotine mix. If you are sceptical that the new Really Berry Salt E-Liquid can live up to the original flavour, don’t be, you will be taken aback!

Really Berry Salt E-Liquid: PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and available in 30 mL bottles.

Frost Bite Salt E-liquid By Naked 100

What does the name Frost Bite Salt E-liquid suggest to you? A chilled crisp flavour? A mix of tropical fruits with a burst of menthol? Well, the primary flavours in the Frost Bite Salt E-liquid are pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew all mixed in a beautiful salt nicotine. The sweetness of the fruit, the smooth blend of the honeydew is counteracted by the chill of the menthol. Pushing and pulling at your taste buds, you will catch a different blend and different flavour on every vape. There is no doubt that the Frost Bite Salt E-liquid variation is one of the best flavours on the market.

Client reviews have highlighted the mix of sharp fruit, chilled menthol and smooth honeydew mix. These flavours have all been enhanced by the introduction of salt nicotine which takes an already popular flavour to a whole different level. Just when you thought your favourite flavour couldn’t be beaten, couldn’t be enhanced and couldn’t tantalise your taste buds any further, up pops Naked 100 Salt Nicotine…. Frost Bite Salt E-liquid is a joy to behold.

Frost Bite Salt E-liquid: PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and available in 30 mL bottles.