Mamasan Eliquids

Mamasan eliquids offer everything from sweet-and-sour to fruit and creamy and everything else in between. These flavours will get your taste buds twitching, your mind jumping and your senses confused with the sweet, sour and fruity flavours. Blending an array of fruits and sweet candy flavours is not easy. For many people the Mamasan range of eliquids is a reminder of their childhood and difficult to replicate to perfection. However, the blend, the kick, the draw and the flavourings are exquisite. Many have tried but few have succeeded, bringing your deep childhood thoughts back to life and making them even more enjoyable, what else can you say?

Guava Pop Eliquid

Described as a sweet juicy peach with a hard guava candy, where do you start with this one? Guava Pop eliquid does exactly what it says on the tin. The sweet juice peach grabs your taste buds, the hard guava candy finish gives you something to chew on and the blend, well it’s perfect. The sweet and the fruit, the hard and the soft, and the different textures make this one stand out. You may have tried peach, you may have tried hard candy put them together and you have Guava Pop eliquid.

Those who have tried the full range won’t be surprised to learn that Guava Pop eliquid has received some great feedback. The vapor production is said to be above average, a plus point for many people, with the sweet candy guava flavour extremely easy on the palate. A great blend, sweet and refreshing flavour, offering excellent value for money, what more can you ask for?

Guava Pop by Mamasan has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 100 mL bottles

Mama Melon Eliquid

While the name Mama Melon eliquid quite rightly suggests a focus on melon flavour, there is so much more to this than meets the eye. Lashings of vanilla cream blended with melon, fresh honeydew and Chinese hami melon, this one will get your mouthwatering at the mere thought. The different types of melon flavour come together in a crescendo of taste, the vanilla gives a solid creamy consistency and quite frankly it is just enjoyable. Some eliquid flavours are difficult to describe while others such as Mama Melon do the hard work for you.

As we touched on in the above description, Mama Melon eliquid is an excellent blend of different flavours, different melons which all fold into one to take your breath away. Many reviews focus on the complexities of the flavour, the different elements you can taste, with suggestions it is the best melon flavoured e liquid on the market today. Who are we to disagree?

Mama Melon by Mamasan has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 100 mL bottles

Purple Cheesecake Eliquid

Even the thought of Purple Cheesecake eliquid has got me drooling, my senses in overdrive and my hands clambering for the next bottle. Cheesecake in an e liquid, rich and creamy Filipino style cheesecake at that, have I died and gone to heaven? The rich creamy blend is like liquid gold, with an aftertaste that is so enjoyable you don’t want it to end. There are a number of cheesecake eliquids on the market today, but if any reach the enjoyment levels of this one, please show us them today!

Described by many reviews as the “best cheesecake eliquid” available today, it seems that the Purple Cheesecake eliquid is going down extremely well. The flavours are different, the blending is unique and while it “pops” in your mouth it is not overpowering. The range of flavour comes through at different times of the vaping process making you wonder exactly what is next!

Purple Cheesecake by Mamasan has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 100 mL bottles

A.S.A.P Eliquid

The A.S.A.P eliquid is a rather bizarre twist of apple, strawberry, sun kissed peaches and a sour candy mix. Not necessarily types of flavours you put together but boy do they work! The fruit blends will hit you one by one, the sour candy mix will enlighten your taste buds and together they create a perfect sweet fruit and sour inhale and a cool refreshing exhale. Layering these flavours, blending them together and controlling the inhale and exhale hits, well, does it get any better?

Reviews for the A.S.A.P eliquid are extremely positive and focus on the array of different flavours which are light and delicious, fruity and beautiful on the palate. The sweet, the sour, the blend and the hit seem to make this something special. Individually the flavours would be interesting but blended together they are in a different league.

A.S.A.P by Mamasan has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 100 mL bottles

Bruce Leechee Eliquid

The name Bruce Leechee eliquid conjures up images of the famous Bruce Lee and it is fair to say this is an eliquid able to fight its own corner. The ejuice contained a subtle blend of juicy mangoes and sweet lychee which come together in a taste explosion. The light floral sweet and tart taste of lychee perfectly complements the juicy mangoes. The contrast will flip and flop in your mouth, sending your taste buds into overdrive.

Sweet lychee is very quickly becoming an acquired taste in the world of vaping. Reviews for the Bruce Leechee eliquid highlight the natural flavours, the mix of mango and a thick constant nature of the vape. The sweet lychee flavour is mentioned in many reviews as a perfect complement to the mango twist. Exotic sweet flavoured eliquid is the cry and once you get with the smell and the flavour you will know why.

Bruce Leechee by Mamasan has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 100 mL bottles

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