IVG Eliquids

IVG Eliquids are now available in more than 60 countries across the world covering six different continents. The brand originally began life in the UK but has since blossomed into one of the best-known and most popular eliquid today. The key to success is keeping the company structure simple, delivering a focused range of quality eliquids taking in a vast array of different flavours. Flavours such as blackcurrant, strawberry, orange and lemon are commonplace across the eliquid industry but bringing these to life in a sweet bubblegum coating brings a totally different experience. Those with a sweet tooth will never want again once they have tasted an IVG Eliquid!

IVG Summer Blaze Eliquid

Described as a “Silicon style cool lemonade infused with mixed summer berries” this Summer Blaze eliquid sounds sensational. The cool lemonade carries the flavour and the mixed summer berries give you an array of different taste sensations. As the different layers of summer berries kick in, the lemonade sparkles and the flavours merge, we can only imagine the type of taste extravaganza on the cards. IVG prides itself on eliquids which grab your attention, leave a lasting impression while also testing your taste buds to the limit.

The Summer Blaze eliquid from IVG has certainly got vapers talking! Many are amazed and dumbfounded that not only do you get a burst of mixed berries on the inhale but you also get that subtle blend of lemonade. The cool lemonade flavour is not overpowering and is still present on the exhale giving a smooth enjoyable experience. A unique strawberry taste together with cool lemonade flavour undertones, creating the perfect way to relax.

Summer Blaze by IVG has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60 mL bottles

IVG Strawberry Millions Eliquid

In the early days of vaping who would have thought that sweet candy flavoured eliquid would be amongst the bestsellers on the market? This Strawberry Millions e liquid has it all. The inhale gives you a taste of ripe strawberry which will literally take your breath away. The exhale releases a succulent blend of candy flavours which will remind you of your visits to the sweet shop as a child. There are many sweet tasting candy flavoured eliquids on the market today but few will leave a mark like Strawberry Millions.

Feedback describes Strawberry Millions as tasting just like those sweets you used to enjoy as a child. The intense strawberry flavour is the first thing that hits you followed by a cool refreshing blend on the exhale. The ability to blend strawberry, candy and bubblegum in a mouthwatering eliquid has encouraged some rave reviews for this popular flavour. As they say, you need to try it to believe it!

Strawberry Millions by IVG has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60 mL bottles

IVG Bubblegum Millions Eliquid

Even the name Bubblegum Millions eliquid has your taste buds bouncing, your mind wandering just wondering if it will live up to your expectations. Well, this blend of bubblegum and sweet candy also incorporates an ice cold sharpness you won’t have expected. This really is classic bubblegum with a twist, candy with a kick and one of the few eliquids you will never get bored off. Sit back, kick off your shoes, close your eyes and enjoy this taste bonanza, this journey through time and you will be back.

There are many bubblegum flavoured eliquids on the market but unfortunately many of them fall short of expectations. However this Bubblegum Millions hits the spot and has received some rave reviews. A smooth sweet taste on the inhale is contrasted with the cool fresh flavour on the exhale leaving your mouth refreshed and your palate cleansed. The taste and aroma of bubblegum will give you a sense of your childhood as you relax.

Bubblegum Millions by IVG has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60 mL bottles

IVG Blue Raspberry Eliquid

Whoever thought of putting together blue raspberries with an icy touch should get a medal. The person who added a touch of mint that contrasts and compliments these flavours is a saint of vapers. The mind boggles at the crisp tangy sweet-and-sour blue raspberry flavour with mint as the kicker. The fruit flavour takes you to a new high while the mint is subtle and does not overpower the main flavours. Refreshing, sweet and tangy, just like all eliquids should be.

Mixing fruit with a touch of mint creates a whole raft of different flavours and taste sensations. A fruity sensation on the inhale, the ice mint kickback on the exhale and a throat hit which jumps between fruity and chilled in a very enjoyable fashion. Blue raspberry is exactly what you would expect and this palate cleansing eliquid is certainly going down extremely well. Fruit and mint, sweet and chilled, what a beautiful mix!

Blue Raspberry by IVG has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60 mL bottles

IVG Apple Berry Crumble Eliquid

You can smell and almost taste the flavour of Apple Berry Crumble as you open the bottle. The anticipation of this rich desert which takes in apple and blackberry within a crisp pastry casing is immense. While the apple and the blackberry will kick in first, it is the pastry and the sweet syrup which holds it all together. Imagine the flavour as you bite into a traditional tart, the kick of the fruit, the crunch of the pastry and the combined taste. We promise one thing, you will never have tasted anything as succulent as this Apple Berry Crumble eliquid.

Feedback about the Apple Berry Crumble eliquid has been just what you would have expected. The inhale brings about the succulent taste of apple with blackberry undertones. Add in the crumble flavour on the exhale and it tastes as though the crumble has literally just come out of the oven. The blend of flavours, the smooth texture and the earthy crumble taste quite literally brings it all together.

Apple Berry Crumble by IVG has a PG/VG ratio of 30%/70% and is available in 60 mL bottles

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