Hack Vape Tank Better Flavor

If there’s one thing at which virtually all of today’s vape tanks excel, it’s creating enormous vapor clouds. The clouds that you can get from an ordinary off-the-shelf vape tank today resemble what you would have seen at a cloud competition only a few years ago. As for the cloud competitions themselves – well, what’s the point these days? Modern pre-built coils have made extreme coil building practically irrelevant.

As great as modern cloud chasing coils are, there is one area in which they sometimes fall a bit short: flavor. While dense, creamy clouds are certainly conducive to maximum flavor enjoyment, one shortcoming of cloud chasing is that the only way to create those enormous clouds is by letting plenty of air into the vapor stream. There’s just one problem with that: air doesn’t taste like anything, so it doesn’t add anything to the flavor aspect of the vaping experience.

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to hack your vape tank for better flavor. We’re going to do that with three goals.

  • We’re going to maximize the benefit of your tank’s powerful coil.
  • We’re going to reduce your tank’s airflow slightly to ensure that most of what you’re inhaling is e-liquid rather than plain air.
  • We’re going to lower the heat level of your coil slightly to ensure that the reduced airflow doesn’t result in a burned wick.
  • We’re going to replace your tank’s mouthpiece to focus the vapor on your tongue rather than sending it straight down your throat.

Let’s learn more!

Lower Your Device’s Wattage

Before doing anything else, set your vaping device to a lower wattage. Try using the lowest wattage within the suggested range etched into the side of the coil. You could even go a little lower than that if necessary. The coil’s wattage range is a suggestion – not a requirement. Following the steps in this article, you’re going to reduce the air that flows through the coil. Your tank’s airflow vents aren’t only there to help you blow big clouds; they also keep the coil cool. Reducing your device’s wattage helps to compensate for that and ensure that you don’t end up burning your coil’s wick.

If you’re using a high-mass coil – let’s suppose that you’re using the SMOK TFV12 Prince tank, for example – you can only lower the wattage so far before the coil stops producing a usable amount of vapor. The more metal you’re working with, the more wattage you’ll require to get that metal up to vaping temperature. Converting a high-mass coil into a flavor chasing setup isn’t easy because of the heat and wattage involved. We’ll give you a tip about that shortly.

Reduce Your Tank’s Airflow

Now that you’ve lowered your device’s wattage, you can experiment with your tank’s airflow without worrying that you’ll burn out the coil. Twist your tank’s airflow collar until the airflow vents are half closed. Take a puff. How does it feel? Are you able to puff easily and deeply, or does the airflow feel too restricted? If you’re not able to puff as deeply as you’d like, open the airflow slightly and try again. Repeat the process until you’re happy.

At this point, you should be pretty pleased with your tank’s flavor. Reducing the airflow might make the vapor a little warmer than what you’re used to, but reducing your device’s wattage will have compensated for that. If the vapor doesn’t feel overly warm, though, feel free to increase the wattage a bit. That’ll intensify the flavor even further. While cutting the airflow will mean that you’ll exhale slightly smaller clouds, you should find that you can taste those clouds more clearly than ever. Congratulations; you’ve just hacked your vape tank for better flavor. Would you like to go even further? Read on.

Replace Your Tank’s Mouthpiece

In addition to the larger coils and open airflow, one ubiquitous design feature of today’s vape tanks is that they all seem to have wide mouthpieces. A wide mouthpiece, of course, makes it possible for you to pull the maximum amount of vapor out of your tank. The problem with pulling all of that vapor out of your tank, though, is that the vapor goes straight down your throat. If you want to taste your e-liquid as intensely as possible, that’s not what you want – you want the vapor in your mouth. To keep the vapor in your mouth a little longer, try replacing your tank’s wide mouthpiece with a narrow one.

Mouthpieces for vape tanks are mostly interchangeable and go by a standard numbering convention to indicate their size. A wide mouthpiece is an 810 drip tip. In the past, though, most vape tanks used narrow 510 drip tips. You can identify a 510 drip by the fact that it’s around the same thickness as a cigarette. For the purest and most intense flavor possible, try replacing your tank’s 810 mouthpiece with a 510 drip tip. It’ll help to direct the vapor toward your tongue rather than down your throat, and you’ll probably end up tasting flavor notes in your e-liquid that you never noticed before. Note that to use a 510 drip tip with your tank, you may also need an 810-to-510 adapter. They’re fairly easy to find with a web search.

Bonus Tip: Try a Mesh Coil

Earlier in the article, we pointed out that hacking a vape tank for flavor isn’t the easiest thing to do if your tank uses a high-mass coil. If your coil has too much metal, it’s just too difficult to get all of that mass up to temperature without kicking up your device’s wattage. Are you having trouble getting a truly great flavor out of your vape tank? Try a mesh coil tank instead. We round up the best mesh tanks elsewhere on this site. A mesh coil is perfect for flavor chasing because it has the same surface area as a traditional coil with far lower mass. The lower mass gives you much greater flexibility in terms of operating wattage without sacrificing any of the vapor production.