Change Vape Coil Right Way

Are you used to changing a vape coil simply by tossing the old coil in the trash, throwing in the new coil and going right back to vaping? Have you ever also encountered a coil that seemed to produce a burned taste right from the start, forcing you to discard the coil early? The problem might not have been a defective coil; you might simply be changing your coils incorrectly. If you want to have the best possible vaping experience – and get reliable, consistent performance from your coils every time – you’ve got to change your coils the right way. Allow us to set you straight! This is the right way to change a vape coil.

Know When It’s Time to Change Your Coil

When your current coil no longer provides an acceptably good vaping experience, it’s time to change the coil. If you search online for information about changing a vape coil, you’ll find a lot of websites claiming that a coil typically lasts 1-3 weeks. That’s really outdated information because much has changed about the way people vape. A few years ago, people typically used relatively low-power vaping devices and vaped unsweetened e-liquids. Today, though, more people than ever are using sweetened e-liquids. Sucralose – the most common e-liquid sweetener – leaves a dark, sticky film on a coil that makes everything taste like burned sugar. People call that film coil gunk, and the more e-liquid you use, the more quickly the film forms. Coil gunk can trash a coil in as little as a day.

So, how do you know when your coil is definitely done? These are some of the signs.

  • Every e-liquid tastes like burned sugar.
  • Vaping causes the back of your throat to feel hot and irritated.
  • Your coil no longer produces the volume of vapor that it once did.
  • You feel like you’re getting dry hits even though your tank has plenty of e-liquid left.
  • You see significant darkening of the coil’s heating wire or wick.
  • The e-liquid in your tank begins to darken.
  • You see sediment in your tank.

Practice Proper Vape Tank Maintenance

In ordinary circumstances, you can wait to change your vape coil until your tank is empty. If you’re seeing darkening of the e-liquid or sediment in the tank, though, your coil is so far gone that you should really just dump out any e-liquid that remains.

Take this opportunity to perform a bit of basic maintenance on your tank. After removing and discarding the old coil, rinse your tank in the sink. If you rinse the tank each time you change you change the coil, that’s really all the cleaning that you’ll ever need to perform. While rinsing the tank, check the silicone gaskets for stretching or tearing. Any damage to the gaskets can cause the tank to leak, so replace damaged components as necessary.

Prime Your Coils Before Using Them

Cotton is the most popular wick material for vaping, but that isn’t necessarily because it’s a particularly efficient carrier of liquids. Cotton is popular because it produces an agreeable flavor while being just efficient enough for sub-ohm vaping. Because cotton is a little slow to absorb e-liquid when it’s new, you need to help it along a little by getting it thoroughly wet before you begin using it for vaping. We call that “priming the coil.”

To prime a new vaping coil, screw it into the base of your tank and use a bottle to paint all of the wick openings – including the wide opening at the top of the coil – with e-liquid. If you’re using a big coil for a tank such as the Uwell Crown 4, you might want to repeat the process after the e-liquid soaks in due to the high volume of cotton in the coil. Your goal is to get the cotton thoroughly wet – but not so wet that you end up flooding the coil – before you put the tank back together and fill it.

After assembling and filling your tank, you might like to do a couple of dry pulls to establish a vacuum in the tank and start drawing e-liquid into the wick. To do that, simply puff on the tank a few times without pressing your device’s fire button. You might see a few bubbles rising up from the wick when you do that. To be completely certain that the wick is thoroughly saturated, wait a few more minutes before you finally begin vaping with the new coil.

Break In Your Coils Before Pushing Them

At this point, we bet you’re thinking that you’ve never put so much effort into replacing a vape coil before. Well, you’re not quite done yet. Before you really start pushing the coil, you’re going to break it in gradually to ensure that the wick is functioning optimally and that there are no dry pockets remaining. Start by setting your mod to the low end of your coil’s recommended wattage range. You might even go a few watts lower if you’re using a coil designed to operate at particularly high wattages.

After setting your device to a low wattage, take a slightly shorter puff than you normally would. You’ll probably see some more bubbles rising up from the coil. Wait a moment and puff again. After doing that a couple more times, increase your wattage gradually until you’re vaping at your desired power level.

Some people believe that breaking in a new coil is necessary to get the wick fully saturated and get the e-liquid moving across it as quickly as possible. Others think it’s totally unnecessary if you did a good job during the coil priming process. Two things, though, are certain. If there are any dry pockets left in the wick, the break-in process will get those pockets wet without burning the wick. The second benefit of breaking in the coil is that doing so will remove any residual cotton flavor so that by the time you’re vaping at your target wattage, you won’t taste anything but your e-liquid.