Best Pod Devices

Vape pods offer the best of both worlds, something between an electronic cigarette and a vaping mod. As the name suggest, rather than using an atomiser/tank the e liquid is held in a vaping pod which is vaporised ready to inhale via the mouthpiece. For many people a vaping pod is simply a steppingstone up to a vaping mod but they are subtle, extremely easy-to-use and battery life is certainly improving. While the old style electronic cigarettes are still popular to a certain extent, vape pods have grabbed a share of the market. We will now take a look at some of the best pod devices available today and see exactly what they have to offer.

SMOK Novo 450 mAh

The SMOK Novo 450 mAh has dimensions of 88.3 mm x 24.3 mm x 14.3 mm which makes it easy to hold and slip into a pocket. The cobra design cover is proving to be quite popular amongst enthusiasts and is available in an array of different colours. The 450mAh rechargeable battery is integrated into the pod with output of between 10 W and 16 W. The voltage input range is 3.3 V up to 4.2 V. The replacement cartridges have 2 ml ejuice capacity with a side filled slot and horizontal coil atomiser.

There is no doubt that much time and effort has gone into designing the SMOK Novo 450 mAh with the economically shaped mouthpiece a nice touch. Operating the SMOK Novo 450 mAh could not be easier, the size means it can slip into a pocket or a bag and you can also vape at your discretion. The system is available in a starter pack with two pods.

KandyPens Feather Ultra Portable System

The KandyPens Feather Ultra Portable System is extremely discreet with dimensions of just 81 mm x 11 mm x 42 mm. It is something you can slip into your pocket or hide in your hand and vape at your discretion. There is a more than adequate 380mAh battery which is perfect for those looking to vape on the move. The LED battery life indicator will show you when the power is draining away giving you ample time to recharge using the USB charging port.

The refillable feather cartridge system allows users to add up to 2 mL of their favourite e liquid. The KandyPens Feather Ultra Portable System is an all in one system with draw activated firing a magnetic pod system and atomiser resistance of 0.8 ohms. Subtle, compact, a very eye-catching shape, it is no surprise that the KandyPens Feather Ultra Portable System is turning heads. Is it time to step up from your electronic cigarette?

Aspire Cobble AIO 700mAh Starter Kit

The Aspire Cobble AIO 700mAh all in one pod device has dimensions of 78 mm x 41 mm x 15.5 mm. E liquid capacity is 1.8 mL and the easy fill system ensures you are able to keep yourself topped up with your favourite flavour. The automatic draw device is perfect, all you need to do is inhale from the drip tip to begin your vape, and stop when you have had enough. There is a 700mAh inbuilt battery together with a non-replaceable nichrom coil. The automatic cut-off system offers an important element of protection.

Vape pods need to be easy on the eye, easy to hold and designed with the best ergonomics in mind. This device is described as “smooth and sleek” and as well as the automatic cut-off protection there is protection against overheating, overcharging, low-voltage and short circuits. Subtle and eye-catching, sleek and compact and available in an array of different colours and designs, it’s no surprise that the Aspire Cobble AIO 700mAh Starter Kit is proving popular.

SMOK Rolo Badge 250mah Pod System Starter Kit

The SMOK Rolo Badge 250mah Pod System has dimensions 73.3 mm x 50 mm x 12 mm and weighs in at 62 g. The first thing that hits you is the badge-shaped design which is eye-catching, very easy to hold and very easy to slip into a pocket. Each of the replacement pods has a 2 mL e liquid capacity with various safety protections including eight second cut off, low-voltage and short circuit. It is getting more and more difficult to spot a vape pod at a distance because many are now in disguise!

Those looking for a unique, differently shaped but extremely efficient and powerful vape pod should take a look at the SMOK Rolo Badge 250mah Pod System. A step up from the traditional electronic cigarette, vape pods are proving to be extremely popular. The starter kit comes with two replacement pods to get you started. Need we say more?

KILO 1K 350mAh Pod System Basic Kit

To describe the KILO 1K 350mAh Pod System as a “Basic Kit” is in all honesty understating what it has to offer. The device has a 350mAh rechargeable battery delivering an extended life when vaping on the road. You might be surprised to learn there are no buttons to press on the KILO 1K 350mAh Pod System which is activated when you inhale. This is a vape pod which does what it says on the tin, offers extended mobile vaping and it is simple as you can get; no buttons and no gizmos, with non-refillable 1.5 mL e liquid pods.

Seen by some as a throwback to earlier vape pod technology, this is actually established technology wrapped up in a new eye-catching design. Is there a competition to create the best disguised vape pod? As more and more people look to vape discretely on the move, we have no doubt that products such as the KILO 1K 350mAh Pod System Basic Kit will be in healthy demand.

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