Best MESH Tanks

Times are certainly changing in the world of vaping and the introduction of wire mesh replacements for traditional coil designs is at the forefront. Historically mesh has been used as a wicking material but the switch to using mesh as a heating element was a masterstroke. The key to performance enhancement by using wire mesh as the heating element is simple; the larger surface area of the mesh (compared to traditional coil styles) enhances not only vape production but also the depth of flavour. Experts believe this will be the next major growth area in the vaping industry with triple, quadruple and other mesh variations already available.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub Ohm Tank range is certainly catching the attention of more tech conscious vapers looking to sample the latest mesh sub ohm tanks. The Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition has a diameter of 24 mm and a length of 46.5 mm. The first thing to do when receiving this extremely well-designed sub ohm tank is to open the thread top fill - there you will see what everybody is talking about, the complex mesh system!

While still a relatively early stage technology, this mesh coil looks the part and more importantly delivers more vape and thankfully more intense enjoyable flavour. The more efficient the e liquid burn process, creating the vape we all enjoy, means you will get better value for your e liquid in the long term. The resin mesh sub ohm tank variation comes in 5 different colours, black, purple, blue, red and yellow. As competition heats up in the world of mesh coils the Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition already stands head and shoulders above many big-name competitors.

Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank Metal Edition

The metal edition of the Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank is seen by many as more traditional and “what a sub ohm tank should look like”. It has a 24 mm diameter base, thread top fill system, 3 mL e liquid capacity and you pour to fill. Before we look at some of the major benefits of mesh coils, it is worth noting the design of this model which is extremely easy on the eye.

A whole host of positive reviews focus on the quality of the build, the smooth threads, no leakage, the exceptional flavour and vape production as well as the long-lasting mesh coil heads. The 810 resin drip tip has also gone down extremely well and it comes in an array of different colours which include black, blue, purple, gold and rainbow to name but a few. Easy on the eye, the Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank Metal Edition promises much and more importantly, it delivers. What more can you ask?

FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank is the next stage of development up from the Freemax Fireluke Mesh 3ML Sub Ohm Tank. While the new tank had an awful lot to live up to we are pleased to confirm it is even better and set to become even more popular than the original. The design variations have been inherited from the Fireluke range but that is no bad thing as they were extremely eye-catching. So where does it differ?

The base diameter of the FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank comes in at 25 mm but the tank actually expands this to 28 mm (with the bubble tank taking it further to 32 mm). The push to open top fill can accommodate up to 5 mL of e liquid (increased to 6 mL with the use of a bubble tank). Seen by many as the very first multi mesh coil head sub ohm tank, it can accommodate variations of single mesh, double mesh and triple mesh. Available in black, blue, green, orange, pink and purple this is a joy to behold and heralds a major breakthrough in the world of mesh coils. The wait has been worth it to say the least!

Sense Herakles 3 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

While the original and iconic Herakles 3 Tank will live on in the minds of vapers for many years, the Sense Herakles 3 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is a worthy heir to the throne. Designed and built with the same attention to detail as the original, the tank has a staggering maximum 8 mL e liquid capacity which you can refill using the hinged top fill system. This is before we even get onto the new mesh coil system!

The arrow mesh coil system also incorporates dual slotted airflow control so you can personalise your vaping experience. The mesh coils are rated 40 W up to 100 W which is just about the limit of efficiency and delivery. It has a 510 connection, 810 resin widebore drip tip and is available in black, blue, stainless steel and the seven colours of the rainbow. While the iconic Herakles 3 Tank may be sleeping, the Sense Herakles 3 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is certainly carrying the name forward with pride.

Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

In an ever competitive market, reviews of the Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank have been extremely positive to say the least. Previous product releases from the company have gone down exceptionally well but the new Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank has taken its reputation to a different level. The advanced mesh coil performs best at between 50 W and 80 W creating what many users describe as a “pleasantly surprising quality of flavour”.

The standard e liquid tank is able to hold around 4.7 mL of fluid which can be increased to 6 mL with the bubble glass variation. The resin snake drip tip will catch your eye, the coloured variations offer choice, and even a quick glimpse at the picture will show the design is modern yet classic. For those who have yet to sample mesh coils - you don’t know what you’re missing. Grab yourself a Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank, you will not be disappointed!

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